Oak Park High School Class of 1979
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Oak Park High School Class of 1979
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Class Contact:
Becky Claytor-Simons
7604 NW Belvedere Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64152

Name: Aburas, Fatima
E-mail: Laemorris909@gmail.com
Address: 2916 vicente st
San francisco, Ca 94116
Phone: 415 5045966
Occupation: Artist
Name: Adkins, Kendall

Name: Ahnemann (Koppe), Annette
E-mail: aahnemann@msn.com
Address: 4533 Villa Parkway, Unit D
Eagan, MN 55122
Occupation: Office Administrator
Name: Allen, Kevin

Name: Anderson (Forson), Lori
E-mail: Lorianderson751@gmail.com
Address: Gladstone, Mo
Occupation: RN
Name: Applegate (Johnson), Jacqueline
E-mail: jacqueapplegate@gmail.com
Address: 272 Southfield Ct
Bonaire, GA 31005
Occupation: REALTOR
Name: Aubrey, David
E-mail: DLAub@mchsi.com
Address: 2003 June Blvd
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
Occupation: General Manager
Name: Bagley, Howard

Name: Bahr, Robin

E-mail: bbahri2@yahoo.com
Address: 1271 E. LONG LAKE RD
TROY, MI 48085
Phone: 2489533711
Occupation: self-employed
Name: baker, Jodie
E-mail: jb1kenob@hotmail.com
Address: 903 ne 61 street
Gladstone, mo 64118
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Name: Ballard, Mark
E-mail: mb15@outlook.com
Address: 3405 Lockwood Court, Unit 77
Simi Valley, CA 93063-5338
Phone: 8057911044
Name: Barber, Brian
Address: Lathrop, mo
Occupation: excavation
Name: Barnett, Bobby
E-mail: bar1@bigpond.net.au
Address: Australia
Occupation: Information Technology Teacher
Name: Bennett, Sharon
E-mail: spicae134@yahoo.com
Address: Kansas City, Mo 64117
Occupation: inventory specialist
Name: Black (Casselman), Jan
Address: 7150 N. Cherry Lane
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: (816)468-6702
Occupation: Self Employed
Name: Booz (Praiswater), Chris
E-mail: boozontheroad@yahoo.com
Address: 15812 Park Ln
Phone: 8164552433
Name: Borkowski, Mark
E-mail: Dadgotaroush@live.com
Address: 11984 Sleepy Hollow Rd
Conroe, Tx 77385
Phone: 813-720-4297
Occupation: Vessel Planner, Manager - Hapag Lloyd
Name: Bosley (Evola), Stephanie
E-mail: sdtbosley@embarqmail.com
Address: 12323 Highway 33
Kearney, MO 64060
Phone: 816-628-9028
Occupation: Application Analyst
Name: Bothof, Jim

Name: Boxler, Michael
E-mail: boxler1@sbcglobal.net
Name: Breault, Doug
Address: 1108 NE 73rd St
Gladstone, MO 64118
Phone: (816)436-3482
Occupation: American Airlines Mechanic
Name: Buckmaster, Bret
Address: 6901 NW Cross Road
Parkville, MO 64152
Name: Calhoun (Elenz), Janine
Address: 1632 NE 79th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64118
Name: Callahan (Heywood), Jewel
E-mail: jewelcallahan@hotmail.com
Address: 1560 Dartmouth Drive
Liberty, MO 64068
Phone: 816-510-1399
Occupation: Mortgage Consultant
Name: Callahan (VanBebber), Ava
E-mail: avalcallahan@aol.com
Address: 14611 Wicklow St
Smithville, MO 64089
Phone: 8164059829
Name: Cameron, John

Name: Campos (Gentry), Christi
E-mail: ccampos@lawmo.org
Address: 506 NW 72nd Terrace
Kansas CIty, MO 64118
Phone: 8164363637
Occupation: Development Director of Non-For-Profit Organizatio
Name: Cargill (Jones), Karen
E-mail: cargills@hotmail.com
Address: Trimble, MO
Name: Carlson (Pupkes), Susan
E-mail: carlsonsusan@hotmail.com
Address: Jefferson City, MO 65109
Occupation: JCPS Library Clerk
Name: Carver, Doug
E-mail: carverdp@hotmail.com
Address: Davenport, FL 33897
Phone: 321-442-5812
Name: Casaccio, Ken
E-mail: Foodguy3055@aol.com
Name: Chaney, Reese

Name: Channel, Polly
E-mail: design@pollychannel.com
Address: 10250 Caminito Cuervo #7
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: 619-379-6289
Occupation: Multimedia Designer
Name: Cheney, Mark
Address: 9403 N Flora
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: (816)468-7229
Name: Chenoweth, Alan

Name: Cherry (Myers), Tammy
E-mail: tcherry1961@aol.com
Address: Tucson, AZ
Occupation: Health Information Management/VA
Name: Churchman (Patterson), Sharon
E-mail: church8112@aol.com
Address: 8112 NW 81st CT
Kansas City, MO 64152
Phone: (816) 587-7246
Name: Claytor-Simons, Becky
E-mail: Beckysimons10@gmail.com
Address: 7604 NW Belvedere Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64152
Phone: 816-547-1466
Name: Compton, Jeff

Name: Conant, Susan
E-mail: dudley@bytheshore.com
Address: 708 New York Blvd.
Sea Girt, NJ 08750
Phone: (732)449-5157
Occupation: Accountant
Name: Coons, Jerry
E-mail: jerryraychevy@gmail.com
Address: , MO
Occupation: Computer Hardware Tech
Name: Crain, Kevin
E-mail: kevin1.crain@ge.com
Address: 12106 Hermitage Oaks Ct.
Tomball, TX 77377
Phone: 832-477-4740
Occupation: Maintenance Tech
Name: Cravens (Wooten), Deborah
E-mail: Cravenshome@gmail.com
Occupation: Corporate Accountant
Name: Cribari (Landes), Vickie
E-mail: vickiecribari@gmail.com
Address: San Jose, CA
Name: Croswhite, David
E-mail: dcroswhite15@gmail.com
Address: 1404 NE 80th St
Kansas City, MO 64118
Phone: 8166516102
Occupation: IS Director-Business Systems
Name: Croswhite, Jeanne
E-mail: jeannecroswhite@gmail.com
Address: 1404 NE 80th St
Kansas City, MO 64118
Phone: 8164195003
Occupation: RN, Senior Manager Clinical Systems & Informatics
Name: Croswhite (Davenport), Jeanne
E-mail: jeannecroswhite@gmail.com
Address: 1404 NE 80th St
Kansas City, MO 64118
Phone: 816-419-5003
Occupation: RN, Senior Manager Clinical Systems & Informatics
Name: Crownhart, John
E-mail: jcrownhart@kc.rr.com
Address: Weatherby Lake, Mo 64152
Occupation: Building Automation
Name: Danzo, Steve
E-mail: sdanzo@kc.rr.com
Address: 9912 N. Lydia
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: (816)734-1001
Occupation: Software Consultant
Name: Davenport, Pam

Name: Davidson, Robert

Name: DeVore, Heidi
E-mail: heidelia@cox.net
Address: 425 SW Lincoln St
Topeka, KS 66606
Occupation: Business Analyst
Name: Drye (Reed), Nan
E-mail: nan@dryegoods.com
Address: 4621 N. McDonald Rd
Spokane, WA 99216
Phone: 509-922-7940
Occupation: artist
Name: Egner, Carter

Name: Farlin (Mercier), Michelle
E-mail: kmkfarlin@hotmail.com
Address: 301 N.E. Adams Dr.
lees Summit, mo 64086
Occupation: office manager
Address: 2417 VIKING DR.
Phone: 816-929-5491
Name: Fowler (Taylor), Donna
E-mail: budgetqueen3@gmail.com
Address: Atascocita, Tx 77346
Occupation: New Caney Homebound Services
Name: Gazaway (Pike), Beverly
Address: 10637 N Main
Kansas City, MO
Phone: (816)734-2859
Occupation: Food Service
Name: Gensler, Don
E-mail: don@genslerworld.com
Address: Norco, CA 92860
Name: Gercken, Charles
E-mail: chasnet@swbell.net
Address: 7332 N Eastern Ave
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: 816-415-3234
Name: Gillenwater, Kim

Name: Gilpin, Mark

Name: Glenski, Stephen
E-mail: sglenski@kc.rr.com
Name: Gorman, Gregory
E-mail: gregg.public@gmail.com
Address: 5800 Antique Rose Trl
Fairview, TX 75069
Occupation: Executive
Name: Griffey (Kidd), Julia
E-mail: jgriffey1@kc.rr.com
Address: 7205 NW Rhode Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64152
Name: Guess (Nixon), Deborah
E-mail: dguess@kc.rr.com
Address: 8411 E. 104th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64134
Phone: (816)765-0937
Occupation: Accounting Assistant
Name: Gutch, Tim

Name: Ham, Rick

Name: Hammonds, Bruce

Name: Hasty, Brenda
E-mail: bhasty@hotmail.com
Address: Liberty, Mo 64068
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Name: Hathaway (Wheeler), Shelli
E-mail: sxfamily@bellsouth.net
Address: 2880 Fisher Circle
Middleburg, FL 32068
Phone: 904-282-2337
Occupation: Facility Assignment Specialist
Name: Henion (Barry), Cathy
Address: 10421 N Tracy Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64155
Occupation: Sales Promotion
Name: Henry, Russ
E-mail: russhenry2@gmail.com
Address: 406 Walker Street
Macon, MO 63552
Phone: 660-833-6590
Occupation: President/C0-Owner Biometric Systems & Services
Name: Hoglen, Paul

Name: Holeman, Jeff
E-mail: jholeman99@sbcglobal.net
Address: P.O. Box 10594
Gladstone, MO 64188
Phone: 8164555532
Name: Homer, Mike

Name: Hoover, Ed

Name: House, Allen

Name: Howard, Michael
E-mail: nowopen@msn.com
Address: 9546 Craigwood Terrace
St. Louis, MO 63126
Occupation: Executive Director at a non profit agency
Name: Howard (DiGirolamo), Carolyn
E-mail: Carolynhoward52314@yahoo.com
Address: 305 NW 83rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64118
Phone: 816-778-5330
Occupation: selfemployed
Name: Hughes, David

Name: Hughes, Steve
E-mail: shughes123@gmail.com
Address: 701 North Prairie
Bloomfield, mo 63825
Occupation: Building Specailist
Name: Hurd, Diane

Name: Izgarjan (Gregory), Dawn
E-mail: dag2007@gmail.com
Address: 7220 E. Orchard Grass Blvd
Crestwood, ky 40014
Occupation: U.S. Government
Name: Jackson, Cindy

Name: Jensen, William
E-mail: w_jensen@att.net
Address: 716 Northwood Court
Manitowoc, WI 54220
Phone: 920-755-6960
Occupation: Principal Engineering Analyst - FPLE Point Beach
Name: Jones (O'Dell), Jennie
E-mail: jjones@lmaweb.com
Address: 1806 NE 106th Terr
Kansas City, MO 64155
Occupation: Region Manager - Insurance Agency
Name: Kasten, Randy

Name: Kenagy (Baker), Leslie
E-mail: lesliekenagy@sbcglobal.net
Address: 11 NW 101 Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64155
Occupation: Meeting Producer
Name: King, Wesley

Name: King (McCord), Melissa
E-mail: mking2231@kc.rr.com
Address: 6942 N Hickory St
K C, MO 64118
Phone: 8162883848 texting only please
Occupation: Food Service @ Maple Park Middle School as cashier
Name: Klein, Mark

Name: Klein, Todd
E-mail: Tpklein9@gmail.com
Address: 720 NW 94th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: 8165874717
Occupation: Retired
Name: Koppe (Ahnemann), Annette
E-mail: aea19612@yahoo.com
Address: 4533 Villa Parkway
Eagan, MN 55122
Phone: (651)686-4303
Occupation: Loan Officer
Name: Kress, Bill
E-mail: iiiwkress@yahoo.com
Address: PO Box 772932
Steamboat Springs, Co 80477
Occupation: Property Management Maintenance
Name: Kunellis (McKinney), Lori
E-mail: lkmkunellis@gmail.com
Address: Gladstone, MO
Occupation: Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer, U.S. GSA
Name: Lamanske, Kent

Name: Lamoreux (Marts), Kristi
E-mail: klamoreux@waddell.com
Address: 4776 Black Swan Dr.
Shawnee, KS 66216
Occupation: Manager of Customer Services Carll Center
Name: Lancaster (Tucker), Lori
E-mail: lori_lou@excite.com
Address: 6302 N Askew
Gladstone, MO 64119
Phone: (816)452-7385
Occupation: Housewife
Name: Landis, Jeff
E-mail: jlandis@shb.com
Address: 6405 N Flora
Kansas City, MO 64118
Phone: 816-590-7570
Occupation: Supervisor of VTC Communications
Name: Lapetina, Christiana
E-mail: christiana1@earthlink.net
Address: 22982 Paul Revere Drive
Calabasas, Ca 91302
Phone: 818-486-2947
Occupation: Christiana International
Name: Layne (Richardson), Cindy
E-mail: fastlayne0@aol.com
Address: 4929 N. Potter
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: (816)453-7223
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Name: Le (Miller), Dina
E-mail: dmlktl@yahoo.com
Name: Lint, Bambi
E-mail: blint1@att.net
Address: 1519 N. Perkins
Appleton, WI 54914
Phone: 3179196343
Name: Loveall, Jeff

Name: maas-backman (maas), jill
E-mail: jillian@jillianmaasbackman.com
Address: 507 Broad Street, 116
Lake Geneva, WI 53190
Occupation: Radio On-Air Personality, self-employed
Name: Magee (Niemann), Nancy
E-mail: nwmagee@everestkc.net
Address: 12911 Wedd
Overland Park, KS 66213
Occupation: IT Project Manager
Name: Mahan, Hurley
E-mail: hurley.mahan@cemllaw.net
Address: 608 E. Ohio
Clinton, Mo 64735
Phone: 660-885-2234
Occupation: attorney
Name: Manley, Lynn

Name: Mann (Connolly), Maureen
E-mail: maureenamann@yahoo.com
Address: 8511 Eustis Street
Dallas, TX 75218
Name: Marshall (Same), Lesa
E-mail: wegiemomcfa@yahoo.com
Address: 1616 NW 93rd Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: (816) 729-6790
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Name: McCafferty (Ayres), Candy

Name: McCormick (Wade), Lisa
E-mail: Idmccormick@worldnet.att.net
Address: 4603 N. Wyandotte St.
Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: (816)455-7751
Occupation: Investigator/Johnson Co. Dist. Attorney's office
Name: McFerrin, Wesley

Name: Millsap (Scott), Jamie
E-mail: rykersmom10@gmail.com
Address: 10309 N Dalton Ave
Kansas City, MO 64154
Phone: 8167168004
Occupation: Financial Planning
Name: Molleson, Chris
E-mail: chrismolleson@fuse.net
Address: 1120 Donner Drive
Florence, KY 41042
Phone: 859-282-1621
Occupation: International Logistics Manager
Name: Moore (Campbell), Lisa
E-mail: yzmoore@verizon.net
Address: Odessa, FL
Occupation: Bank of America
Name: Mulkey (Noland), Jeannine
E-mail: ljdixie1@bellsouth.net
Address: Lilburn, Ga 30047
Name: Newman, David
E-mail: dlnewman88@yahoo.com
Address: 10234 N. Flora Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: 816 682-7966
Occupation: Autobody Technician
Name: Nicholson, Marie
E-mail: mnicholson@kohlerprint.com
Address: 5405 Robert Ave
St. Louis, MO 63109
Phone: (314)353-8011
Occupation: Account Manager
Name: Odom, John
Address: 1132 White Oak Court
Liberty, MO 64068
Occupation: Sales
Name: O'Neil, Edward

Name: Payne, Joe
E-mail: joguitar2002@yahoo.com
Address: San Diego, CA 92110
Occupation: musician
Name: Pennybaker, Chris

Name: Popplewell, Alan

Name: Powell, Cary
E-mail: spowell210@gmail.com
Address: 9215 NE 94th Ct
Kansas City, Mo 64157
Phone: 816 308 3581
Occupation: Retired Navy
Name: Prather (Allen), Narda

Name: Propp, Julie
E-mail: juliepropp@mac.com
Address: Menlo Park, ca 94025
Occupation: Teacher, Cookbook Author, Food Blogger
Name: Pulliam, Linda

Name: Rebel, Brian

Name: Rice (Overton), Liz
E-mail: kitrice@gateway.net
Address: 18320 1st St.
Lawrence, KS
Phone: (785)865-2728
Occupation: Corrections Administrator
Name: Rinehart, Daniel
E-mail: cdatdan@yahoo.com
Address: 1108 E 8th Place
Mesa, AZ 85203
Phone: 480-964-5295
Occupation: Retired Military / Site Supervisor
Name: Rivers (Bufkin), Jane
E-mail: jrivers0160@gmail.com
Occupation: many
Name: Roberts, Steve
E-mail: pappasteve101@yahoo.com
Address: 80 Spanish Daggers
Alamogordo, NM **310
Occupation: EMS Supervisor/Professor
Name: Robertson, Loren

Name: Rowland (Mielkus), Lesa
E-mail: Lesalrowland@gmail.com
Address: 9420 NW Hwy N
Kansas city, I
Occupation: Accountant
Name: Rude (Uphoff), Cindy
E-mail: crude@kc.rr.com
Address: 7701 NE Gracemor Drive
Kansas City, MO 64119
Name: Saferite, Dan

Name: Saferite (Dawson), Jan
E-mail: jansaferite@comcast.net
Address: 25312 E 30th Terr S
Blue Springs, mo 64015
Phone: 816 224-2938
Occupation: systems engineer
Name: Sharples (Arello), Paula
E-mail: paulanoodle@yahoo.com
Address: 7801 ne 109th terrace
kansas city, MO 64157
Occupation: tax preparer and bookkeeper
Name: Sissel, Darrell
E-mail: dsissel@thompsonpump.com
Address: 4308 S Shrank Ct
Independence, MO 64055
Occupation: Branch Manger
Name: Sivigliano, Steve
E-mail: steve.steve@santafemortgagellc.com
Address: 6204 winfield drive
oklahoma city, OK 73162
Phone: 405-990-1982
Occupation: mortgage banker
Name: Smith, Karla

Name: Smith (Michael), Kim
E-mail: ksmith@fairpoint.net
Address: Peculiar, MO
Occupation: John Deere Co - AG Publications Coordinator
Name: Smith (Misner), Lori
E-mail: lori.smith@commercebank.com
Address: 16125 Highway B
Smithville, MO 64089
Phone: (816)532-4389
Occupation: Information Technology-Lead Analyst
Name: Smith (Weaver), Janet
E-mail: janetksmith@kc.rr.com
Address: 8414 Fontana
Prairie Village, ks 66207
Phone: 913-492-0825
Occupation: business owner
Name: Soldan, Dirk
E-mail: dirksoldan@msn.com
Address: Gladstone, MO
Occupation: Operations Analyst, Social Security Admin.
Name: Soligo, Bob

Name: Stephens (Lafferty), Donna

Name: Stinnett (Nedblake), Nicki
E-mail: nstinnett@corp.pkgsvc.com
Address: 4705 NW 90th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64154
Phone: (816)584-3850
Occupation: Director of Marketing/Sales Support
Name: Stoll (Townsend), Lori
E-mail: blstoll@centurytel.net
Address: 2006 N. Mapleview Ct.
Columbia, Mo 65202
Phone: 573-999-1686
Name: Stomp, Mark
E-mail: stompmarka@aol.com
Address: 4801 Sunset Forest Circle
Holly Springs, NC 27540
Phone: 919-582-9724
Occupation: Director of Sales
Name: Swift, Jeff
E-mail: Jsswift1kc@gmail.com
Address: 1508 NE 85th Terrace
Kansas City, Mo 64155
Phone: 8164208338
Occupation: IT Security Specialist
Name: Tarwater, Beth

Name: Taylor, Kim
E-mail: kimtaylor791@yahoo.com
Address: 5137 NW 85th ST
Kansas City, MO 64154
Occupation: Sales Manager
Name: Townsend (Spaunhorst), Deanne
E-mail: townsenddt@embarqmail.com
Address: 8525 Hwy O
Orrick, MO 64077
Phone: (816)770-3412
Occupation: Bank VP
Name: Turner, Chester

Name: Vaden, Bill
E-mail: bvadenrsi@sbcglobal.net
Address: , TX
Phone: (817)496-1400
Occupation: Repair Services, Inc.
Name: Veulemans, James
E-mail: donv223@charter.net
Address: 25 Osage Ridge Road
Lake Ozark, MO 65049
Phone: 573-280-7792
Occupation: Disabled/Full Time Student
Name: Weakley, Greg
E-mail: greg@aiservicesinc.com
Address: 12877 W. 151 St
Olathe, Ks 66062
Phone: 913-397-9400
Occupation: Insurance
Name: Webb, Mark

Name: Wilde (Kelley), Susan
E-mail: s_wilde@sbcglobal.net
Address: 2502 Meghan Ct.
St. Louis, MO 63129
Phone: 314-846-6381
Name: Woodson (Shryack), Sandy
E-mail: sandy.woodson@yahoo.com
Address: 625 NE 41st Street
Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: 816-645-9667
Occupation: Video Writer/ Producer / Editor

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